"Shoya was the sort of person that when you met him a little piece of you fell in love with him. His energy and enthusiasm was deeply infectious" (Azi Farni)


Shoya était le genre de personnage qui lorsque vous l'aviez rencontré il y avait quelque chose en vous qui tombait amoureux de lui. Son énergie et son enthousiasme était profondément contagieux (Azi Farni)

Still racing with us

Shoya still in people heart on the eve of the 2013 season

Shoya's bike now in his parents's home

Now Shoya's bike stand in the room with all his personnal trophee

At what would have been the popular Japanese rider’s home race, his parents were given the Suter Moto2™ spec racer in full Tomizawa guise, just like the one he raced on in 2010. The team prepared the machine in remembrance of the number 48, who is still very much missed in the GP paddock.

Alain Bronec, le CIP et Nobby Ueda ont eu l’honneur de remettre à la famille de Shoya Tomizawa, qui était réunie à l’occasion du Grand Prix du Japon, un cadeau très spécial en guise d’un nouvel hommage. En présence de Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO de Dorna Sports, des membres des teams Technomag-CIP et Technomag-CIP-TSR, les parents de Shoya, ses frères et ses grands parents ont reçu avec joie des mains d’Alain Bronec et de Nobby Ueda, une des Moto2™ de 2010 avec laquelle Shoya roulait.
L’émotion était palpable et les parents de Shoya ont chaleureusement remercié le CIP pour cette moto qu’ils vont conserver en mémoire de leur fils.

Shoya's day2


The next SHOYA'S DAY on September the 21st 2012

RIP Marco
Shoya behind Marco Simoncelli in Barcelona 2009

Tribute to Shoya by Bethany Andrews on her blog

“Shoya Tomizawa stole the hearts of the motorsport world by winning the innaugural race of the year in Qatar. He proved not to be a one day fly by snatching the pole during the second race weekend in Jerez. Shoya got some real attention and even the younger people got the chance to know him and score an autograph. Although you see people who enjoy what they do, Shoya was an example of someone who loved what he did.

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